TBT Record Breaker

As I start to look forward to new challenges and new gear I look back a (fair)bit and continue on in the throwback series.

So before the Wiggo indoor hour record was set down in London, Alex Dowset embarked on his own attempt and succeeded in gaining a new hour record. Amazingly, and by sheer luck, I was there to capture the moment.

This was the only time I have visited Manchester Velodrome and and was lucky enough to have VIP treatment allowing me trackside. I grabbed the opportunity to make a few pictures and document the time.

There was an expectancy in the air, there was an amazing buzz about the hour record at this point, a fire had been lit amongst the great TT men in the pro peloton and Dowsett didn’t disappoint.

Around the velodrome he went lap after lap, the crowd cheering his every pedal stroke, gasping at his every line change. This is why I love this sport, we all live this alongside our hero’s second by second and our hero’s welcome it. It ended to a massive cheer from everyone and I could have cried for Alex and his team. When he was hugging his family, I very well may have shed a tear but don’t mention that to anyone.

I will leave this image here but this was a moment I will never forget and I would thank Alex for allowing everyone there to share in his joy.

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