TBT Peter Kennaugh

Glasgow Commonwealth Games Road Race 2014 and an image thats over 7 years old and even now I still love it. 

One of my favourite images I have ever taken, it turned out the perfect image from less than perfect Scottish weather. 

Typical Scottish weather, the rain was insane to the point where the crowds started to disperse early (myself included) or look for places inside. Because of the bad weather the photo had a lovely quality to it, Peter Kennaugh and the road being absolutely saturated gave everything a lovely sheen and definition. The placement of the car illuminating the riders path, the crowds and the event made this very special IMHO. 

Anyway I hope you like it as much as I do. 

Speak soon S

Edit: Wahoo recently released a video on Peter and his stepping away from his pro career. It really is a great watch and I recommend anyone who is looking for, or is involved in, a cycling career to take time to watch this honest interview. Go watch it on YouTube here

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