Scottish Super Quaich Round 2: Doonbank Trofee

I wasn’t sure if there would be any Scottish CX this year and I was glad to have the opportunity to shoot some in the form of the second round of the Super Quaich this Sunday at Roselle Park in Ayr.

I may have been spoiled with the recent National CX rounds with their massive courses giving me time to move to different shooting positions but this short course was so quick I had to choose my spots and almost camp out. The racing, partially due to the short course and firm ground, was fast and in the case of the leaders of the A race it was blazingly quick averaging less than 6minutes per lap.

The races were split into an A and B race, the later including the ladies race, with only one junior race earlier in the day after the other junior races were cancelled, so please note to all juniors get your applications in for the remainder of the series so we don’t have a repeat of this.

The B race was won by Edward Addis with Kenny Kentley and Derek Hughes taking the other podium spots, Derek looking lonely on the podium afterwards. The ladies race was won by Karley Miller beating Roslynn Newman and Alicia Newman into 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The A Race started with something I have never seen before in Lewis Martin coming down off the start but, thankfully, not one of the other riders coming down with the entire group missing him. Lewis “calmly” stopped to refit his chain before the adrenaline kicked in to help him carve his way through the field, being 3rd or 4th at the end of lap 1 and onto a dominating win ahead of David Lines and Chris Hinds.

Well done to all involved in the event wether it be participating or helping organising, an enjoyable day behind the camera again.

Speak soon.


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