Linlithgow Futures Race

As I said yesterday my CX season is at an end and todays post is all about the Youth races, I don’t normally shoot a lot of Youths races and the ones I do tended to be a bit more competition focused so Sundays races were, for me, a refreshing change.

Let me explain that a little bit. I am not saying there was no competition throughout the day, the races were, at the pointy end, very quick and competitive but throughout the field almost everyone was smiling, enjoying the simple pleasure of riding through the mud. The joy of the kids at the end of the race was evident and no matter where they placed it was secondary to the bike ride they just had. Im not sure if this was because the kids had as yet learned “colourful” ways to describe how slippy it was but whatever it was it was infectious and I found all the Marshalls not only yelling encouragement but also guidance and coaching. I wasn’t even aware of who won/lost or was mid pack, but I was aware of the massive smile I had watching it.

Below are a few of the pics I took, I hope it puts a smile on your face like the kids had.

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