Linlithgow Cross

So this is the end of my CX season, no more events on my calendar unless someone want me to shoot the next 2 events in Belgium ( call me ) so permit me to prolong this day across 2 posts, today’s post about the open race and the next about what this day was all about…… the youths race. I have said for too long I should be more involved in Youths sport, this is the future of our sport and encouraging them should take more priority than anything else.

So as I said above todays post is all about the Juniors, Seniors & Women that made up the Open race on the day. A technical course across a small area was was a maze that for photographers made it challenging, but for the riders Im sure they were looking for their GPS computers to help them out at times too. Not belittling the course at all, the team that made this happen did a fantastic job using and maximising the area they had, levelling the playing field as best they could by keeping it technical and emphasising fun and experience over anything, to the team I say chapeau one and all.

Saying it was technical doesn’t mean it wasn’t hard, tell that to the rider that had a technical so decided to run around 2 laps of the course rather than giving up, that commitment or is that maybe he should be committed.

So the start had the Juniors and seniors take off first then the ladies had their fun taking to the course. The mens race was dominated by the local team with Sam Chisolm and Gregor McPhadden of West Lothian Clarion finishing ahead of early leader Falkirk Juniors Cameron Archibald. These 3 riders had a battle for a few laps between themselves before Sam left Gregor and Cameron behind to win it fairly handily.

The women race was won by Zofia Lisowski ahead of Katie Turbitt in the Seniors whilst the V40’s was another race dominated by the Local club with Meg Spittal and Diane Chisholm 1st and 3rd respectively with Madeleine Robinson splitting them for 2nd place.

Enjoy the pics.

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