British National CX Championships

This weekend saw most nations crown new champions in cyclocross, our own being held in Crawley in West Sussex so just the matter of a small 900 mile round trip for me ……

Some familiar faces winning and retaining the National jersey whilst some shock results enthralled the crowd in some of the worst course conditions I have witnessed, the mud and the length of the course ruining the race for many a rider. The bright sunshine on Sunday belied how bad the course was, the Saturday had seen rain of biblical proportions all day and the course was so waterlogged there was no way that the course could recover to allow any fast paced racing. Instead a slug fest and a battle of attrition became the order of the day, for the riders It wasn’t so much racing each other but fighting the course. The slippy mud in the morning gave way to more sticky mud throughout the day and I was amazed that there wasn’t as many mechanicals as I thought, to say the pits were busy was an under statement with most/all riders pitting every lap, sure a few slipped chains but most rear mechs stayed attached to bikes.

Make no mistake Im not belittling anyones accomplishment in the races, exactly the opposite, the amount of times I just took the camera away to marvel that the riders kept going in what was just demoralising. For me all the riders deserved a medal. I could only manage to make the Sunday races so I managed to shoot the Men and Women’s races for both the Juniors and Elite.

The final round of the National Trophy takes place next weekend in Skipton and I will be there to round off this chapter in what has been a cracking ‘cross season.

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