Battle of the Black Loch Femme

A week after the men had their sun soaked Battle of the black loch the women returned. being soaked with rain. The always present wind and cold there to to greet them too. It was grim at times that’s for sure.

The women had a smaller field on the same testing course and it didn’t take long to have a split in the field. Within half a lap there was a split that would take the eventual winner to the front in a group of 12, this whittling down to just 5 that would contest the win after the first lap.

The race was a war of attrition the field splitting up with seemingly every pedal stroke and the winner almost catching the back markers, a mark of how quick the front group where going especially considering the miserable conditions.

After 4 and half laps it ended in battle for the line with a sprint finish up a steep incline past Boxton road with Torvelo’s rider Beth Maciver winning it on the line over Beth Harley-Jepson for Jaden – Vive la Velo and Lulu Bartlett coming in third.

Hope to catch more women racing as I loved that, the women ride hard and the racing was great to see. Well done to Torvelo for a well organised event, and anyone brave enough to come and watch.

Speek soon


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