A Chance Meeting = New Gear

With everything going on in my world, both globally and personally, photography has taken a back seat for some time. 

To quickly summarise my job took over my life giving no time for making pictures. On top of this I had a fall from my gravel bike that saw me nursing a broken hip and then more time trying to recover and rehab. Finally on returning to work, still not fully healed, my wife took ill and has spent several months in and out of hospitals and as yet has not recovered. All of this with COVID 19 as a backdrop made photography, especially cycling events that I loved, an activity that I had forgotten about. Stress levels were off the scale and there was not a whole lot of joy in my life.

My passion for photography had dimmed to a point where I couldn’t bring myself to lift my camera. The belief in myself and any ability was gone and on more than one occasion I had considered getting rid of my venerable ole Nikon D700. 

I happened to strike up a conversation with with one of my customers at work who, as it transpired was a YouTuber and a damned fine photographer. Just having a chat about cameras and photography in general, some (considerable) time later I found that I still had that passion for photography after all, just talking about it took me back to when I was making pictures and remembering the joy of that moment when of when it all went right. This chance encounter made me realise I was in need of a release, a route away from what had become my new “normal” routine and that I had the means already in my grasp in photography. 

As irony had it, an email landed about a local road cycling race asking if I would I attend. It really was amazing the timing on this. 

So with my restart I started looking into a second camera to replace/pair with my ole D700. My mind was already made up if I were to buy a camera then it would need to be another Nikon. Looking at DSLR in the shape of D850, D5/6 or mirrorless in the shape of Z6 II or Z7 II I weighed up what I would actually need. No point in having too much camera and although as much as I would love a D5/6, price point is a concern. I never really thought that I would jump but after looking into things a second hand Nikon Z6 II with FTZ adapter was sourced from MPB and purchased.

So I have another race this weekend and plan to try out the Z6 II to see how I can adapt and if it’s suitable but so far I’m impressed. Compared to my DSLR the Z6 does feel like a toy but damn is this toy capable. I worry if I should have bought a D5/6 or D850, both considered the pinnacle in DSLR for Nikon but mirrorless is the future in photography and I want to try some video too so we will see.

Would like to thank the Travelling Togs for the chance meeting and chat, I’m sure he had no idea that him taking the time to chat would re-ignite my photography passion. It goes to show that we should all take the time to chat to others, that chat maybe the difference in someone’s life that inspires them to become better or re-evaluate things.

See you around and speak soon. S

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